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Zucchini Pasta with Raw Marinara Sauces Raw Sweet Potato Pie RAW Vegan Green Soup
RAW Yellow Zucchini Pasta Raw Zucchini Pasta with Tomato, Cashew, Aduki Beans, and Organic Whole Grain Amaranth Sauce with Hemp Seeds Red Quinoa & Chickpeas Dish with a side of Tagine Veggies
Rounded Stuffed Zucchini's Salad.... with nuts and berries Soup made from Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie
Spiced Mushrooms with Peas Spiced Winter Squash Soup Steamed Mushrooms, with Broccoli, Yellow Zucchini and Corn
Steamed Veggies (Slightly Grilled), with a side of Spicy Curried Lentils Stuffed Vegan CourgettesJPG Vegan Pasta Dish
Vegan Stuffed Eggplant (Aubergine) with Kidney Beans Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie Zucchini Pasta with Oyster Mushroom and non GMO (Organic) Corn